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Acupuncture for Pets in Arizona originates from the desire to offer some alternative therapeutic options to pet owners that are seeking a more holistic approach towards healing.

Dr. Magda Massicotte is certified in veterinary acupuncture and has followed an extensive training in using non-traditional treatment methods to enhance your pets overall healing and general wellbeing. Dr. Massicotte believes we are all given bodies that are designed to heal and her focus is on supporting this system and alternative methods when applicable to assist this healing. 

Her integrative and holistic therapies include veterinary acupuncture, traditional Chinese veterinary herbal medicine, cold laser therapy and food counseling. She provides her services either at her own facility or as a mobile service in your home for the comfort of your pets. Her proactive approach stems from her desire to heal and achieve a permanent cure for your pet not simply symptomatic treatments. If your pet is currently suffering from an illness, or you would simply like guidance on an overall wellness recommendation for your dogs and cats, Dr. Massicotte offers unmatched care and attention. Her goal is to give hope to people and healing for pets.