About Acupuncture for Pets in Arizona

About Dr. Magda Massicotte

Dr. Massicotte completed her veterinary acupuncture training with IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) in 2014 and got certified. The holistic Traditional Chinese Medical approach to health through a balanced lifestyle and diet reflects the way Dr. Massicotte cares for her own pets and family. She is happy to be able to use acupuncture, cold laser, herbs and food counseling to help her patients maintain wellness and heal their bodies when conventional treatments are just not enough. If you feel like your pet has not been responding to conventional therapy and would like some advice and see if Dr. Massicotte could help, please don’t hesitate to contact her.

About Us

Dr. Magda Massicotte grew up in Montreal Canada and knew she wanted to be a veterinarian at a very young age. She graduated from Montreal University in Veterinary Medicine in 2004. 

Tired of the long, cold winters in Canada, Dr. Massicotte moved to Arizona with her husband to treat small animals in the Phoenix area.  She loves practicing veterinary medicine and focuses on providing high quality, compassionate care to dogs, cats and pocket pets. However, at times there has been just not enough tools in the western toolbox to help her patients. This is why after several years of practice, she became more and more curious about alternative therapeutic options. She was fortunate to work with a fellow veterinarian who introduced her to acupuncture and was impressed with its healing power.